BobbySue's Nuts


Bobbysue's is particular when it comes to their process, which means they don't take shortcuts for money's sake. For instance, they only use egg whites from cage-free chickens in their secret meringue.

Differences like that show the care and pride they take in making the best product possible — one that's humane, earth-conscious, Non-GMO and damn tasty. They ensure every pecan, cashew, and almond is handled with the utmost care and roasted perfectly to meet their sky-high standards of flavor and quality.

Minimum Orders
8 1.25oz cases (96 bags - can mix flavors)
6 3.5oz cases (48 bags - can mix flavors)
2 8oz cases (24 jars)
2 Bulk cases (16 pounds)

Can mix sizes and flavors if order $150  

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